What is Instagram and Detailed Description and Usage Guide to Instagram.


Most of you must have heard of something called “INSTAGRAM” and must be wondering WHAT IS INSTAGRAM ? Earlier I also used to think what is Instagram ? So below a detailed description and usage guide to Instagram.


What is Instagram?

Instagram created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010 is an online photo-sharing service through which one can click, apply digital filters and share photos on most of the social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter etc. One of the main features of Instagram is that all the photos are square in shape as compared to 4:3 aspect ratio of most of the mobile phones. Instagram gained popularity throughout the world very rapidly with more than 100 Million active users as of September 2012.


Instagram in its starting phase supported only iPhone and iPad but later in April 2012 it was extended to Android Phones having camera and Android Version 2.2 Froyo or above. There was an acquisition deal between Facebook and Instagram owners but later it was cancelled. Instagram can be downloaded from App Store here:

Download Instagram


How to use Instagram ?

1. Register/Setup

First of all you need to install Instagram on your iPhone/iPad or Android phone. And then start Instagram and Register on Instagram. By default all the profiles are Public on Instagram. But you may select to create a private account. If you do so then only the people whom you approve will be able to follow you and view your updates/Photos. To make your profile private go to “Privacy”  and there make your photos private.

After registering edit your profile . You will be asked to fill up a bio of about 150 words and your website(if you don’t have one leave it as it is). Alternatively after registering you can also edit your account later by visiting this link: Edit Instagram Account .

2. Notifications

Instagram does not have a web hosted photo feed so most of the browsing will be done by you on your phone only. So to receive notifications you can choose to set up Push Notifications. You can enable the following push Notifications:

  • When someone likes / comments on your photo.
  • When someone mentions you using @you in comment.
  • When your photo gets posted on Popular Photos Page.

If you are using iOS then to change the Instagram Notification settings first

Instagram Notifications

exit Instagram and then go to settings , then find Instagram in the Notification Center and then change your Instagram settings there. On Androidgo to Settings > Edit Profile > Push Notifications within Instagram to do the same.

If you don’t enable external notifications then also Instagram will keep you updated of your account activity in the app.

Social Connect

Instagram is an app used mostly on mobile so you can connect Instagram to your other social accounts such as Facebook  Twitter, linked In etc. to get the most out of it.

Go to Profile Tab > Edit Sharing Settings and then choose the networks you want to connect Instagram with.

Whenever you upload a photo of Instagram then you will have the option to share the photo on all the social networks which you connected with Instagram .


Adding Photo

To upload a photo to instagram click on the blue camera in the center of Instagram navigation panel. BY, default Instagram will activate your devices camera to take a photo, or you can choose to use a photo already saved in your device.If you want to use a photo already saved on your device then click the double-square button on the lower-left of the screen.

Filters and Borders

Once you are done with selecting the photo three icons will appear below the image. These icons are basically Instagram filters which you can use to add different layers to your photo.


Scroll down the filters and choose the one which you like the most. You can use these filters to edit the photo like a pro does. Each particular filter has its own corresponding border. For example the Earlybird filter adds rounded edges to your photo, and Kelvin adds a rough, sandpapery frame.But you can also choose to remove the borders wholly by clicking on the square-shaped ”frame” on the upper-left of the photo edit screen.

Before saving your photo do check other option . To go to extra options go to sun icon on the lower-left of the edit screen and apply the Lux effect. It will enrich the colors in your image. On the right of the screen there is a curved arrow. Tap on that arrow to rotate the photo. There is also a next camera icon, when you tap on it it will activate the front camera so that you can click a photo of yourself.

Sharing Photo:

Once you are finished with the editing part of your photo and are ready to upload the photo click the green checkmark. Which then opens up the social sharing screen .

Now add a caption if you want to.The caption will be the text of the tweet if you share it on twitter. If you have enabled location services then you will get the option to tag where you clicked the photo. Now share the photo on different social networks.

The photo which will be shared will differ from network to network. Like In twitter there will be a link to the photo and also the caption will be included in the tweet.

Following Other Users:

It may happen that many of your friends may be already using Instagram. So you would like to follow them on Instagram.


Go to profile tab and then select Find Friends . Now you may search for friends who may have connected their accounts with Facebook and Twitter. You can search your friends by simply inputting your phone’s contact list, using name, username or even tag (e.g. “#skydiving”).

And Instagram does curate suggested users and trending photos very well.Head to the Popular page (see right), denoted by the star on your navigation panel, and peruse photos that strike your fancy. When you follow some users you will see their updates and photos in news feed which can be accessed by tapping the Home icon in the left side of the navigation panel. And along with your photos you will see people who have liked / followed your photo.

So this was a brief description as to What is Instagram and How to use it. This was just a basic tutorials for beginners. Use Instagram and explore additional options in Instagram.

Do comment and tell us your views and also comment if you did not understand any of the steps above or if you want to share some thoughts about Instagram with us. Happy Browsing..

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