Warid Handsets with Internet G’Five LTE 2 and G’Five LTE 3


Warid G’Five LTE 2 and 3 Handsets

G’Five LTE 2 Specifications

Price Rs.6,999





GeneralNetworkFDD/WCDMA/GSM, Dual SIM card dual standby
FrequencyFDD B3/B7 GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz W2100MHz;
 SensorG-sensor,P/L sensor
DisplayTypeTP:capacitive  touch screen, G+F
Size4.0 WVGA’ 800×480
Connector5 Pin Micro USB 3.5mm standard earphone  connector
DataData TransmissionBT4.0/WIFI FM/USB
CameraPrimaryBack 5.0MP
SecondaryFront 2.0MP
FeaturesSystemAndroid 5.1
CPUMT6735M  quad core 1.0GHz
Battery 1750mAh (real capacity )
G’Five LTE 3 Specifications

Price Rs: 10,999/-



GeneralNetworkFDD/WCDMA/GSM, Dual SIM card dual standby
FrequencyFDD B3/B7 W2100MHz; GSM850/900/1800/1900MHz
 SensorG-sensor,P/L sensor
Size5.0 HD’IPS 1280×720
Connector5 Pin Micro USB 3.5mm standard earphone  connector
DataData TransmissionBT4.0/Wifi/FM/USB
CameraPrimaryBack 8.0MP
SecondaryFront 2.0MP
FeaturesSystemAndroid 5.1
CPUMT6535P Quad Core 1.0GHz
Battery 2200mAh (real capacity )


“Speed” will now be accessible to everyone with Warid LTE and Pakistan’s most affordable 4G LTE handsets, G’Five LTE 2 and G’Five LTE 3. Not only will you be able to download, stream & surf the internet at Lightning Taiz LTE speed but with this offer you will also be entitled for a free Warid LTE SIM and lightning speed LTE internet for 1 whole year @ 2GB/month!

Another exciting news especially for Warid customers! These handsets come with 15 months of Warranty exclusively for Warid customers! This offer couldn’t get any cooler!

Visit your nearest Warid business center G’Five sales center or order here online and get on with speed, right here, right now!

Who can avail this offer?

  • Any Warid customer who purchases G’Five 4G LTE 2 or 4G LTE 3 handset can avail this offer.
  • This offer is valid for all New & Existing Warid LTE customers.
  • Both prepaid and postpaid customers can avail this offer.
  • LTE services are mandatory to avail this offer.

How  to activate this offer?

Please insert your Warid LTE SIM in any of the SIM slots and offer will be automatically activated within 15 minutes.

  • For existing Warid LTE customers, this offer will be automatically activated once SIM card is inserted in the handset.
  • For existing Warid customers who already have an LTE SIM but LTE services have not been activated, please call 321 for activation.
  • For Warid customers without an LTE SIM and who wish to retain their current number, please visit any Warid Business Center and/or Franchise for LTE SIM replacement OR call 321 for FREE SIM replacement at your doorstep.
  • For New Warid customers, you may collect your FREE SIM bundled with the handset box and visit any Warid Business Centers and/or Franchise for activation.

New customers who are not interested in the bundled Prepaid Number or wish to get a Postpaid number may also choose to purchase a new LTE SIM from any of the Warid Business Centers and/or Franchise as per market practice.

Are there any charges for the Internet offer?

  • This Internet offer is absolutely *FREE for Warid LTE customers
  • To check your internet balance please dial *200*524#
  • You may subscribe to any Internet bundle listed on www.waridtel.com/4G after consumption of Internet volume

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