Ufone and 6 other operators are nominated for Best Brand Award by World Communication Award. Ufone is one of seven companies worldwide, and the only one in Pakistan to have been shortlisted for ‘The Best Brand 2010’.

Other companies include:

Idea Cellular
Telstra Enterprise & Government
Turk Telekom
Verizon Business
While we know the reality of these awards, bloggers are already sending shouts on PR tactics of cellular companies for fetching awards for the sake of a press release or two at most in return.

Any individual may not challenge the credibility of awards, however, many may ask the point of WCA’s existence and its rating in the presence of Global Mobile Aarwds by GSMA ?

Moreover, many internet users consider the authenticity of websites by checking their Alexa ranking. This WCA website is performing too little on Alexa , and guess what, top traffic to WCA website is coming from Pakistan.

So whatever WCA’s rating is, PR guys at Ufone are doing a great job.

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