E-payments have always been a problem for us, here in Pakistan. As PayPal is not providing its service here in Pakistan right now, so the only legal way, we are left with is Credit Card.

But not everyone is eligible or does afford these credit cards (which come with huge security deposits and service charges).

Here UBL (United Bank Limited) Wiz card serves the purposes. At the moment this can be regarded as best Pre-Paid debit card which also works as a credit card, for online payments.

UBL Wiz card has tag line of Cash Do Card Lo, means it is really easy to have this – you just have to fill up a form and to pay for card fee and deposit money, that’s it – you are done. Card can be obtained from any UBL branch for just Rs. 120 and you don’t even need to have a bank account.

Yes it is the main point, UBL Wiz has a virtual account that is not associated with any branch. You are not provided with extra account number, instead account number is extracted from your 16 digit card number. So all you get is a Wiz card with Visa Logo on it.

Card number can be extracted as following,

if your Card Number is ABCD EFGH IJKL MNOP ( Conventional 16 Digit Code), then your Account Number will be GH IJKL MN (8 Digit Code). i.e to leave first 6 digits and last 2, remaining is your account number

One of the best features of UBL Wiz card is that, You can deposit money in your WIZ card from any branch in Pakistan, means you do not need to go to any specific branch.

UBL WIZ currently has three basic cards, which differ only in deposit/withdrawal and daily usage limit. subscription charges are same whatsoever is the type.

More details about Deposit/Withdrawal and Daily usage limits can be found here.

Using WiZ Card for Online Transactions

To Use Wiz Card as a Credit Card you need to have Internet Session activated. You can get it activated any time by calling UAN 111-825-888.

One time session activation charges are 100 Rs and session remains active for one Calendar date, and during this time you can pay online as much as balance you have in your account. As the session expires, you cannot use your card anymore, on internet.

Note that, Wiz card does not comes with pre-activated internet usage, to get it activated, you need to fill up internet usage form and fax/email it to UBL, and they will get it working with in 24 to 48 hours. (This is one time activation or say registration for online payments)

A bonus point of this card is that it can also be used at any One Link ATM in Pakistan. And this is the only way to withdraw funds from your account as you do not have checkbook or actually a bank account.

Keeping in view present e-business in Pakistan and availability of suitable options, UBL WIZ card is serving the purpose at its extreme and is very viable yet affordable method of e-payments here in Pakistan where we do not have PayPal.

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