Opera has created lot of buzz with their “Reinventing The Web” message recently, today they released the reinvention called Opera Unite. The service turns every computer into a web server, this is a cool idea although i didn’t get the reinvention of the web.

Opera Unite will allow users turn their computers into personal web servers in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is enable the Opera Unite feature in Opera 10 browser and start sharing files, photos, fridge for notes and a web server. Opera Unite is built on open web standards so Developers can build applications for the platform. Right now there are only 6 services are available, but expect more in the future particularly if developers turn to the service to develop cool apps.
How do you setup your own webserver on your computer?. Enable Opera Unite from the status bar icon in the left corner of the opera browser. It will ask you to register for My Opera if you haven’t already, then login and you are done setting up the opera unite. Now click on each of the service you want to activate and show the folder from which you will share the files. For example you want to share all your recent photos with your family with out uploading anywhere. Click on the Photo Sharing, show the folder where your photos are stored in your computer. It will display all the folders and photos inside that folder. You will get a link to share with your friends or family, so that they can see your shared photos, the link works from any browser not only from Opera so even of they don’t have Opera installed they can still access your files.

If you don’t want the whole world to see your files you can restrict who can view your files by using the Limited option in the sidebar and putting a password to the folder. You can also make the files private but that is not the point of the service though.

File sharing service allows you to share files with anyone just by enabling the service. With media player you can access all your music collection from your home computer to anywhere by just enabling the service. The Lounge gives users the ability to chat with others. Fridge service is for collecting notes. With Web Server you can run websites from your home computer, show the folder where your html files are located and your own webserver is running with your website.

The main limitation of the service is that if you turn off your computer all the services will stop working. On the plus side you don’t need to upload anything to anywhere just enable the services and share files and photos with anyone. The process is as simple as it can get and anyone with out technical knowledge also can make use of this service.
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