On Internet we upload files and share them with friends and others users on internet through links.But some times those links have too long URL (universal resource locator) and they are difficult to get in mind. Hence the URL Shortner Websites came into being, there are hunderds of URL Shortner Websites available on internet. These sites help you shorten any your URLs of uploaded files, Url of your profive profiles etc. These URLs will not only be short and sweet but they will be easy to remember as well.

Below a list of Best URL Shortner Websites available over internet, Enjoy and have Fun.

Bit.ly is a URL shortener website have many of new features which no other URL shortener have provided thus far. Bit.ly not only allows users to shorten, share their URLS but it also lets them track their links (URLs).It provides a Unique user-level and very user friendly interface. This site allows users to view their complete real time traffic and referrer data details, as well as location and metadata.

TinyUrl.com website is one of oldest and world’s most used URL Shortener Service.That is freeof cost and easy to use. You just need to enter a long Web Address and You will get a short URL Just within 1 click.

This is a best URL Shortner Website. Its not only allows you to make simple and short URLs but it also lets you chose a keyword for your URL, making it more easier to remember and use. Normally you get some random words in shorted URL but this helps you put your own words instead of those random words.

Is.gd’s service is really quickly and works fast. Just enter your desired long URL and you will get a short URL after hitting a click. They provide world shortest URLs.

SnipURL.com is another good URL shortening website, it has a very user friendly interface. And its pleasing to eyes.

Br.st is a URL shortener service which along with its basic functionality allows you to track your links in real-time stats. It also lets you post shortened link to 10 different social networks sites like Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, FriendFeed etc. without logging in. It also checks destination link with Google Safebrowsing.

Adjix is the only service that doesn’t simply shorten your links but it also provide every link click detail such as the web page that the person was on when he clicked on your link and his locate his IP address.

DickensURL.com is best free URL shortener. Just enter an long URL above and hit convert button. Soon you will be faced with beautiful and short URL. When you use the generated Short URL that URL will not redirect you toward orignal URL but first you will go on DickensURL.com page which will provide you details of shorted URL. On that page you will find orignal URL.

BudUrl not only shrinks your long URL but it also add notes and tags along with detailed analytics.

Think Good?
If you know any other URL Shortner Website that you think is the best, than let us know through comments!

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