Alaways when I analyzed the statistics of my blog visitors and readers,I found that most of them are using Google chrome or Firefox. So I thought of sharing some shortcuts and tips for using Google Chrome browser to save time of all my blogger friends.

here are few Google Chrome tips and shortcuts for saving your valuable time:

1. Do calculations in your Google chrome:
You can perform simple calculations and unit conversation using Google Chrome’s address bar.

2. Open closed tab:
Earlier I used to think that Firefox is better than Google Chrome because it can restore earlier closed session (Tabs) but now I found that Google Chrome can also do that. Even if you closed Google Chrome window by mistake you can again restore your tabs using Ctrl+Shift+T or open new tab and check “Recently closed tabs”.

3. Open tab in other window with drag:
You just need to drag the tab outside of currently opened window and you can also add the tab back to currently opened window with dragging the tab in and drop.


1. Ctrl+Shift+N: To open an incognito window.

2. Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 or so on: Move to different tabs.

3. Ctrl+Tab: opens tabs in cycled order.

4. Ctrl+Shift+Tab: Opens tabs in reverse order.

5. Backspace or Alt+Left arrow: To go to previous page in your browsing history.

6. Backspace or Alt+ Right Arrow: To go to next page in your browsing history.

7. Altr+Home: To open home page.

8. Altr+T: To open new tab.

9. Ctrl + W. To Close the tab.

Command Shortcuts:
You have to type commands in address bar of Google Chrome.

1. about: or about: Version :- Show version info of Google Chrome.

2. about:cache :- shows what contents are stored in cache .

3. about:Memory :- Shows how much memory you are using.

4. about:plugins :- Shows which plugins are installed.

5. about:crash :- It crashes the tab.

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