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Farhad Humayun is the creator of the Pakistan’s first rhythm act Overload. In Glow the Music TVC, Farhad vigorously plays the drums in the midst of old rusted cars.

Sikandar has been an integral part of Lahore’s burgeoning underground scene since the 90’s. Supporting the spirit of Sports, Sikandar plays percussions near a bonfire, with an old Volkswagen in the background.

Critics call Zoey Viccaji the Dido of Pakistan. Holding an umbrella, Zoey softly hums as she walks around a merry-go-round, to introduce the nights & weekends packages.

Jaffer is a composer, pianist and the front-man for the band Kaavish. In Glow SMS bundles TVC, Jaffer is seated in the middle of a large warehouse and plays a grand piano.

A talented and experienced bass player, Khalid has worked with almost every major act in Pakistan. In Glow fuel TVC, Khalid plays the bass guitar in an empty parking lot, as the Mustang engine revs vigorously in the background.

Papu has been a leading flute player for the Pakistan film and TV industry. For Glow global production, Papu plays the flute with bright, multicolored, neon lights in the background.

Fasial Baig’s major influence comes from trance and progressive house music from Europe. Representing high speed Glow mobile internet, Faisal works his turntable with large disco screen in the background.

Asad is one of Pakistan’s most celebrated and popular guitarists, with over two decades of experience. Illustrating the thrill of Glow mobile games in this TVC, Asad plays his electric guitar as a sports car does a burnout in the background.

Saba got her big national debut in 2008 as a backing vocalist for Coke Studios first season. Portraying the serenity of Glow social networking, Saba, sits at a table and hums in a café lit up by a large number of candles.

Aamir Zaki, known as the Guitar Guru, is one of Pakistan’s most prolific guitar players. Depicting Glow Mobile fun in the TVC, Amir sits on a chair on an empty railway track and plays his acoustic guitar.

The Final Song, with Atif Aslam and his Glow Gang

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