After Karo Mumkin Campaign, Telenor enter into the world of product blogging after tweaking with Persona Blog.

Though objects on Persona blog, particularly the posts, are apparently not in final shape, but the look and feel gives an impression that Telenor is going to get serious with blogging.

There are not many posts and those too posted in same week, but the good thing one may notice is that they are inline with Persona theme. Feedburner account looks in place, offering daily newsletter to those who want to subscribe with it.

Like Karo Mumkin, permalinks are not SEO Friendly.

In my opinion,If we talk about approach towards blogging, Telenor could better do brands blogging with one blog for all of its brands.Its not needed one for Persona, another for TalkShawk then one more for Easypaisa.Telenor’s current approach may create little extra work for those who are managing it. Let’s say Telenor has enough workforce and I am using multiple services from Telenor, in this case do I need to keep track of EP and Persona blogs separately?

Strategically, Telenor did the same mistake for their fan pages on Facebook. Resultantly, they had to advertise each page to promote it. Wasn’t it better to have one page for all services?

Telenor may come up with an argument that they don’t want to bug their Talkshawk customers with Persona promotions, but again – what if a Talkshawk customer gets a peek on what company is offering with Persona, and he may get convinced to upgrade his account; can be a good deal.

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