Google Adsense is one of the most reliable online source of making money from online and anyone can make some extra money online to improve his/her standard of living.
his has become an open secret and every newbie now wants to explore more about Google Adsense in Pakistan to generate an alternate source of revenue by working online.
Some Peoples from pakistan make it a bussiness to guide others on adsense and other money making programs online and charging thousands rupees to guide them.In purpose to help all those peoples who cant pay to learn adsense and making money online i will share a step by step guide to make money online from adsense program.

Step-By-Step Guide of Making Money from Google Adsense

Let us clarify one point very openly that the Google Adsense is not a Get-Rich-Quick scheme and its not that easy to make money through it. You need persistency, patience, and real smart work to make some reasonable income through Google Adsense. Please take it as a business which grows gradually, it’s not going to happen overnight you’ll have to learn it step by step. So, here is the step one.

Step 1: Get one new Google Adsense Account without having a website or blog (Tested and Verified Method)

Although, this step is already explained in details in our previous post, but it is again explained here briefly : –

a. Sign up for a new gmail account. (Ignore this step if you already have one with no adsense enabled)

b. Sign up with Flixya. (Using the same gmail account which you have created earlier for this purpose)

As soon as you start sign up with Flixya, it will ask you:

Do you already have a Google Adsense account?
Click: No
As soon as you click No, It will show the option to sign up for Google Adsense using the same gmail account. Now click on “Sign up of Adsense” button to continue sign up.
Now you will receive two email notifications in your gmail account, one from Flixya for continuing signup and second from Google Adsense for sign up. Completely fill your Google Adsense signup form with accurate information and make sure the name and address should be the same as it appears on your CNIC and other official documents. Also complete the signup for Flixya.
Update: You need to add some original content (i.e pictures, articles, videos etc) to your Flixya account otherwise Google Adsense will not approve your application due to no content.
It is a proven and tested method to get your Google Adsense ID without having a blog or website. Now, you will have to wait for adsense account approval it will take 4-5 days to get it approved.

Step 2: Make your first blog using
Blogs are the online diaries or journals which anyone can use to publish his/her own choice content. The content can be any article, picture, videos etc. There are several platform where you can make your own blog but provides the simplest method to create a blog and it is most commonly used for this purpose.
By the time you get your Google Adsense ID’s approval, you can make your plan about creating a profitable blog. Remember, if you are not planning it means you are planning to fail. Instead of creating a blog on the topic which you are not familiar with, create a blog for which you are passionate about. For example if you are good in cooking, you should make your blog about cooking tips and if you are passionate about mobile phones then you should create a blog about latest mobile phones. We can discuss this in our upcoming posts, we are sticking to step two i.e making your first blog.
a. Sign up for (Make sure you are signed in with the same gmail account)
b. Naming your blog (Tip: Choose an interesting and catchy name which your target readers can remember and recall.)
c. Choosing right blog URL. (Tip: It can be either your name or a combination of few key words)
d. Choosing right template for the blog. (Tip: Just start of with any template because you can easily change it later)
Once you are done with creating your first blog, you start posting your new content i.e. articles, videos, photos etc without worrying about making money out of it. Make sure that you write your own content or you mention the source from where you get that content. Original content appears fast on search result as compare to duplicate content.
Step 3: Integrate your Adsense Account with your Blog
It is not a good idea to display google ads on newly established blog, so make sure you have enough content on your blog which is good to attract readers. Once your Google Adsense account is approved, you can integrate it in your blog to display relevant ads by Google. This is how you can integrate your adsense account with your blog: –
1. Click on the Monetize button (Make sure you are logged in to your blogger account and you have selected the blog where you can see the Monetize button)
2. Choose Display ads in my sidebar and posts (and click next)
3. Enter your PIN (i.e. gmail id and postal code or last 5 digits of phone numbers)
Note:- You can also integrate your adsense account with blogger through Layout >> Page Element >> Add a Gadget >> Adsense and again you can mention your email and PIN to get new ads by Google in your blog.

Step 4: More Traffic Means More Adsense Income
Traffic through search engines (Organic Traffic) are the most likely source of generating adsense revenue. If your blog appears on the top ten search result of a particular keyword, then it will become a continuous source of residual income from Google Adsense. But it will take a lot of effort and continuous improvement in your blog to appear on the top search results.
There are various ways to generate traffic on your blog, we suggest the following articles to help you understand the traffic generation techniques.
8 Quick Methods to get Traffic on your blog Systematically
How to get traffic for your blog
You can simply start sharing your posts on you facebook and other social networking websites to get started.

Step 5: Google Adsense Milestones and How to achieve them

a. Earning first $10: Google Adsense issues PIN Code once you have $10 in your account. As soon as you have earned $10 in your Google Adsense account. Google Adsense will send Adsense PIN Code to your mailing address. You can enter PIN Code and remove payment hold from your Adsense Account.

b. Earning first $100. Google Adsense issues payment when your account balance reaches $100 or more. For example if you have completed your $100 in the month of January then you will receive your payment at the end of February. For detail you can check your adsense account.

c. Receiving your first Payment. The best part about Google Adsense program is its payment method via Western Union Money Transfer. You can receive payment from any Western Union Money Transfer Outlet on the same day when you get your payment status from Google Adsense.
You can use same Google Adsense Id for multiple blogs or other revenue sharing websites, forums etc. As already explained in our previous posts.
This is just the beginning, we are hopeful that you’ll learn new techniques of blogging with us so that you can get your own domain for blogging and utilize all the experience you got from using’s blogs. Avoid mistakes done by bloggers and be a successful blogger.
We hope that above information will be useful to you, if you have any confusion please feel free to comment on this post.

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