Sony Vaio NW Sony Vaio NW Series [Gadget Review]

Sony this time has again excelled in presenting unique blend of style and performance, i.e rock solid performance and eye catching style. Sony VAIO NW is a sure bet for those who are desirous of Entertainment that too in a notebook. The uniquely made device offers Blu-ray playback – keeping in view its track record,

Sony VAIO NW has a sharp 15 inch display and one will need to use the HDMI port and an external monitor or TV to get the full 1080p experience. If you are fond of more graphic comph, better opt for a different configuration of the system but the bottom line is that overall VAIO NW is a fulfilling multimedia laptop which gives you a sense of satisfaction.

Sony Vaio NW series laptop is newly design laptop. It has distinctive features like standalone Web surfing console (VM), which offer browsing without booting in to windows. It is actually loaded with splash top simple operating system which is based on Linux. It will hardly take 30 seconds to access internet by hitting “Web” button on the front panel of laptop provided wireless or Ethernet is properly configured and ready to use.

Hardware Features:


It is wood design machine with the dimensions of 14.6 x 9.8 x 1.2-inch and the surfaced soft addition appearance. It comes in different colors in market. Silver, white and brown are the most sought after colors people prefer and the machine s available in all three colors. On the top pane, only three buttons are available for initiation of Splash top instant-on browser, speakers muting, and display off button for example, to feel you convenient about conserving the battery consumption and switching of the screen while giving presentation.

Processor and Memory:

The device comes with Intel’s Core 2 Duo at 2.2GHz 2mb cache with Intel’s GM45 Express mobile chipset and 4GB DDR 2 of 800MHz memory and upgradeable to 8GB of RAM. It is ready with 320GB hard drive that rotates its dishes at the speed of 5,400 RPM.

Integrated Graphics & Display Panel:

The chipset comprises GMA X4500 HD graphics processor, is a DirectX 10 capable onboard graphics adapter in the GM45, which is quite effective for watching high definition movies and basic games. Its GMA chip is integrated with HD video decoding functions and capable of decoding formats like AVC, VC-2, and MPEG-2.

The Sony Vaio NW features 15.5 inches Sony’s XBRITE Eco screen technology, the technology is unmatched as far as vivid colors, high-pitched contrast and crisp graphics in the LCD display is concerned. Eco display is proficient of using one backlight to allocate light consistently and which is fairly idyllic for watching HD movies on the laptop. It supports the native resolution of 1366×768 in 16:9 aspect ratios and with the support of HDMI resolution of 1920×1080.

Peripherals Ports:

Optionally, eSATA port to connect an SATA drive externally and Fire wire400 port on the left side of the laptop is also available for high powerful data processing process like digital video camera movie steady capturing and encoding / decoding.

There are three2.0 USB ports, feast out on both sides of the laptop , one on the left side and other two are on the right side of the laptop with input/output jacks of audio and microphone and 2x Blu-ray disc. VGA output and an HDMI port for high-definition video output are available on the left side of the laptop for enhancing visual experience with WI-FI switch for instant switching of WI-FI.

Sony NW features dual media cards slots in the front like one for usual standard SD media cards and other is for Sony Duo memory media cards port, which is quite fair enough for covering versatility in media card’s needs.

Connectivity Details and Keyboard, Mouse pad:

Sony Vaio NW features Intel’s Wi-Fi Link 5100 AGN chipset 802.11a/ b / g and n wireless networks on the range of 2.4- or 5.0GHz frequency bands. It is also ready with gigabit Ethernet controller Marvel Yukon 88E8057 very competent network performance, but Blue-tooth is not provided in this laptop.

The atollelegance keyboard is really handy in using and hitting keys. Its specific gap among the keys brings easiness and conformity in typing without fewer mistakes. A touchpad adjacent below the keyboard is fully competent in use like it offers balance amount easiness in scrolling and dragging.

Multimedia Details (Optical Drive, Speakers, Webcam and Sound Card):

The VAIO NW is offered with an integrated Blu-ray reader drive. Blu-ray drive may be unable to burn Blu-ray discs; but it can burn CDs and DVDs. The notebook is capable of playing high definition content in720p playback. Speakers are well geared for generating crisp audio with integrated audio. It is ready with 0.3 MP Motion Eye cameras with even frame rates offering very low distortion.

What’s in the Box (Depends on seller offer)?

  • Manuals
  • Laptop Charger
  • Screen LCD covering cloth
  • CD’s/ DVD for optional software’s like Microsoft works, 90 Day Subscription of Norton internet security.
  • It covers one-year international manufacturer warranty.

Availability in Pakistan:

It is available in Pakistani local laptop markets. It is offered in the price range of PKR 70000/- to PKR 72,000/- depending upon the model series.

For example Sony NW 350 is of about PKR 72,000/- on Mega.Pk laptop shop situated in Dubai plaza, Rawalpindi as of June 24, 2010. It is also offered on their website.

However, price variation could be a factor when you visit the market. So a detailed survey of the market is recommended before buying the device.

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