Some Tips to Keep Your expensive Phone Safe

There is a saying: things are made to be broken. Yes it doesn’t sounds quite comfortable but it maybe is true. Every thing that a person acquires usually ends up being broken or damaged. However, there are some ways which can help you in making your phone last longer.

Here are some:

– Always keep your phone away from dust, water, sand and things related to them. They are among your phone’s worst enemies.

– Keep your phone in a cover or a case. Your phone might not look so good but a case will really protect your phone. In case of an iPhone, you can buy a bumper which can indeed protect your expensive phone. After all, the phone itself is SO expensive.

– Don’t keep your phone anywhere with its back on top. Some surfaces aren’t as smooth as they look and they might scratch your phone screen.

– Don’t drop your phone. Phones like iPhone have good build quality and design but their glass does break when it is dropped from a height.

– Keep your phone away from toddlers and children. They can throw, lick and even break your phone in less time than you think!

– Put a screen protector on your phone’s touchscreen. The touchscreen is one of the most-used and most-touched parts of the phone. Repair of touchscreen is almost impossible.

– Don’t put your phone in pocket with other hard things such as keys etc.

– Don’t install apps from any place other than the official application store. These unauthorized apps might contain viruses.

– In case of repair, always take your phone to a good, renown mobile store when. Don’t trust casual repair workers. Unofficial stores repair your phone with cheap parts. For example, to repair my phone, they put a ‘black LCD’ instead of the normal LCD and this resulted into almost zero viewing angles.

– Always buy official phone parts (things like back cover). Unofficial ones are usually flawed (sometimes they don’t have the logo of the company and wrong resolution of the camera might be written).

– Always keep your phone on a flat, smooth surface. This might not sound like a big deal but actually it is very important because the surface might be wet which can damage your phone (especially the screen and camera lens).

– Lastly, if you buy a phone, care about it. It is one of the most important things people use nowadays and it contains all your personal information and data. In short, its a gateway to everyone, everywhere. Its more important than we can even think. Take care of it!

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