Any PTCL landline or Broadband Customer can now have up to 12 months free Broadband service by referring friends, family or acquaintances to apply for a PTCL Broadband

connection and get a PTCL Broadband connection (existing or new) for free according to the following criteria:

On referring 10 new customers within 30 days get Free Broad band for 3 months (this can go up to 6 month if another 10 are referred to in the subsequent 30 days as well).
On referring 20 new customers within 30 days get Free Broad band for 6 months (this can go up to 12 month if another 20 are referred to in the subsequent 30 days as well).

Any of your friends, family or acquaintances applying on 0800-80-800 after hearing about the PTCL Broadband service through you. Just advise them to provide your landline telephone number while placing their Broad band order.
Once a customer books an order and provides your landline telephone number to the order taking agent your count to avail a free Broadband service for 3, 6 or 12 months will start.
Upon reaching the qualifying criteria you will be contacted by one of our agents informing you of your free Broadband connection and the free months’ period.
If you are only a PTCL landline user and not an existing PTCL Broadband user then upon qualifying you will be contacted by us offering you a free PTCL Broadband connection for a period of 3 or 6 months according to your eligibility.
Upon first bill payment by all your referred customers to PTCL for their Broadband connections, your Broadband free period will start.
Terms & Condition

The referred new customers should not have been previous PTCL Broadband customer with in the last 60 days from the time referred.
Each referee will only be allowed free Broadband for a period of 12 months only in a single year i.e. if a referee refers 40 customers in two consecutive months he will be eligible for 12 months free broadband. He will not be able to get an extension on this 12 month free period by bringing in further customers during that free period.
For more details call 1236 or visit official page here