Rachael Harris is a Comedienne Actress was born in Worthington, Ohio. She graduated from Worthington High School (renamed Thomas Worthington High School). She went on to graduate from Otterbein College in 1989.

Harris performed with the Los Angeles, California, improvisational comedy troupe the Groundlings, and taught for a time with the Groundlings school.She debuted on television in a 1993 episode of SeaQuest DSV.
After an appearance on Star Trek: Voyager in 1997, Harris went on to a recurring role in Disney’s Sister, Sister. Other television credits include a stint as a correspondent for The Daily Show’s 2002-2003 season, as well as roles on The Sarah Silverman Program, Reno 911!, The West Wing, Friends, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Monk, and, in November 2008, Desperate Housewives.

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