Qawali Mobitune Codes

SNTitleMovie / ArtistCategoryRbt code
1Ali Haq Ali Haq AliSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192938
2Assi Aaqa Da Millad Manona AaeSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192939
3Bismillah KaranSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192940
4Deen Haq Ka Hai WaliSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192941
5Jashn Manao Sohnra AagayaSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192942
6Mauf Karain Tu MoulaSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192943
7Mehfil Huzoor Di Saji Huwi AaeSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192944
8Rang Lag Janr GayeSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192945
9Sohnray Shan Kamal Nee ZulfanSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192946
10Yeh Duniya Ek Samandar HaiSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192948
11Allah HoSyed IqbalReligious192949
12Dil E Barbad Ko Hum YadSyed IqbalReligious192950
13Gulzar E MadinaSyed IqbalReligious192952
14Jo Rab Ko Ho PassandSyed IqbalReligious192953
15Khushiyan Manao Sarkar AagayeSyed IqbalReligious192954
16Kuch Roz Ishq E Ahmed MainSyed IqbalReligious192955
17Mairaj Ki Ratiya Dhoom Yeh ThiSyed IqbalReligious192956
18Nabi Nabi Nabi Bahar AayeSyed IqbalReligious192957
19Shah E Deen Ki Mohabbat Bari CSyed IqbalReligious192958
20Zaat E Muhammad Shama E Do AlaSyed IqbalReligious192959
21Aamad E Mustafa P B U HZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192960
22Aey Khasa E Khasan E Rasool WaZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192961
23Balagal Ula Be KamalihiZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192962
24Bashish Ko Lazmi HaiZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192963
25Daman Bharo DamanZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192964
26Kar Ahtmam BhiZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192965
27Main Teray Naseeban Tou QurbanZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192966
28Man Kuntoo MoulaZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192967
29Na Pochiye Kay Kiya Hussain HaZulfiqar Ali HussainiReligious192968
30Touba Meri Touba MeriSagar Abbas Qadri And Arslan MReligious192947
31Dil Ki Duniya MainSyed IqbalReligious192951
32Data Ji Ka JashanFaiz Miandad KhanReligious142059
33Main Jind Ganj ShakarFaiz Miandad KhanReligious142060
34Ae Nagri Data Peer DiSher Miandad KhanReligious142062
35Bismillah ParaanSher Miandad KhanReligious142064
36Jag Mag KardaSher Miandad KhanReligious142065
37Sun Bandiyan MawaSher Miandad KhanReligious142067
38Ya Hussain Assalaam Ya HussainSher Miandad KhanReligious142068
39Mela Data DaSikander Miandad KhanReligious142070
40Wasnae Loko PakpatanSikander Miandad KhanReligious142072
41Data Dubiyaan Zamanay DiyaanFaiz Miandad KhanReligious142058
42Sabir Hai Mera SabirFaiz Miandad KhanReligious142061
43Bibi Pakdaman SarkarSher Miandad KhanReligious142063
44Mainu Sabir De Peer Di DuaSher Miandad KhanReligious142066
45Data Karam KaroSikander Miandad KhanReligious142069
46Noori Bori Wali SarkarSikander Miandad KhanReligious142071

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