PTCL has recentely made a change in their broadband policy.

According to old policy, customers had to pay rent of PTCL broadband modem every month with DSL charges and when customer wanted to discontinue PTCL DSL service he had to return PTCL modem to PTCL if he is not 12 months old customer.

Meaning that after 12 installments, modem belonged to customer and PTCL could not demand for modem if DSL services were discontinued after 12 months.

But now with new PTCL broadband policy, all new and old customers must have to return back DSL modems at the time when they want to discontinue their DSL service, even if they have completed 12 months or more.

So now modem charges are considered as monthly rental for modem and not the monthly installment.

This policy is valid for old customers too – meaning that if a customer has paid modem installments, even then he will have to return the modem in case of disconnection.

On other side, on new connections you will have to get PTCL modem even if you have your own modem/router with you, unlike LinkDotNet, which allows you to use your own modem/router.

For example with Linkdotnet 1MB student package comes at Rs.885, which includes Rs.150 for modem rental. If you have your own ADSL modem, then you can get the same connection at Rs.735.

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