There is a time when you need someone (Mobile user) to call you rather than you call them. Possibly, either you are budget conscious or may be someone’s cell phone was busy while you dialed his number from your landline.

For such kind of situations, PTCL has introduced this service – which will send a pre-defined text to the number of your choice requesting him/her to call you back.

Service Mechanics:

  • Just dial 1322 from your landline or VFONE and follow the IVR.
  • It will ask you to enter the cell number on which you want to send a Call Me back message
  • a SMS with pre-defined text will then be sent out from the PTCL to the GSM/WLL number, requesting for a call back


  • Each  call will be charged @ 50 Paisa / Call (Exclusive of tax)
  • No service subscription is required.

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