Pakistan has been included in the list of top 12 countries with highest number of SPAM

Pakistan has been included in the list of top 12 countries with highest number of SPAM over the world.

Sophos, an IT security and data protection company, revealed this in it’s latest research the top 12 countries responsible for spreading SPAM messages, especially through emails.

Before we go into details, here’s the ranking with their share of SPAM in the world:

1.United States 11.3%
2.S Korea 9.6%
3.India 8.8%
4.Russia 7.9%
5.Brazil 5.7%
6.Taiwan 3.8%
7.Vietnam 3.5%
8.Indonesia 3.3%
9.Ukraine 3.1%
10.Romania 2.8%
11.Pakistan 2.0%
12.Italy 1.9%
13.Others 36%
So clearly United States leads the chart with worst offender, but Pakistan has been creeping up the wall by originating 2 percent share of World’s total SPAM.

This share of SPAM from Pakistan is considered alarming high, given the size of internet users in the country is way low than those in other regions.

For time being this SPAM in Pakistan is largely in form of annoying adverts, mostly done through mass emailing system of Google Groups, but experts anticipate that fraudulent activities, such as phishing, Trojans, identity theft etc., may go on the rise in coming years.

We, here at ProPakistani, were able to identify those SPAM marketing emails even from big brand names, let alone those SMEs who carry these kind of activities fearlessly.

It merits mentioning here that analysts estimates 94 percent of SPAM emails coming through those specialized Google Groups which were specifically made for marketing SPAM emails. However, lately, Google has restricted Pakistani Groups from adding any user in Google Groups. Earlier, any group could add up to 100 individuals per day into their group to send them marketing emails.

If not legislated by Government of Pakistan, this number of SPAM can grow large in coming years.

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