The one of most side effects of Pepsi cola it is said that in some cases it can reduce sperm production in males.

You can look on the back of the bottle you can see the words “contains a source of phenylalanine l” Phenylalanine is in large doses an effective nerve gas. In Pepsi, theories suggest this may be a cause of ADHD .

Pepsi has basically nothing good for you in it, its all made up of chemicals there’s nothing pure in it (like most fizzy drinks.) The caffeine in it is just over a cup of teas worth in every glass, caffeine is a nerve stimulant that can cause headaches, hyperactivity and a crash, same as sugar.

Phosphoric acid over time can lead to heart palpitations. Your heart rate goes up when you drink it and all other fizzy juice instead of going down like it does with water, pure fruit juice and even tea.

I get headaches and a dry throat when I drink this coke and any other horribly chemical based drinks and try to stay away from them most of the time.

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