Mobile Snatching in Pakistan What we Need to Do?

Cell phone snatching on top of all Crimes in these days.

Some videos demonstrate how people on the streets of Karachi are brutally robbed. In some cases when they resist they are often hurt or even killed.

It’s really deteriorating to see such crimes happening in the city.


Gangs of teenage boys armed with pistols operate in various parts of the city from early evening till late night. These criminals snatch mobile sets, handbags, watches or whatever they find from the victims. Upon resistance, the gangsters don’t hesitate to fire at passers-by.

One of my best friends experienced this 3 times, every time criminals came to him and snatched his mobile at gun point.

Karachi is the most effected city of the country.  36377 cell phone thefts or snatches have been reported in Karachi from February 2009 to January 2010.

Area wise details of thefts/Snatches are :

  • 11.9% (9751) incidents took place in West Karachi
  • 10.2% (8357) in South Karachi
  • 8.6% (7030) in Malir
  • 8.8% (7239) in Central Karachi
  • 4.9% (4000) in West Karachi

If you are carrying a Nokia Cell Phone, you are more likely to get robbed (resale value of Nokia mobile phones maybe a reason).

74.5% Nokia Cell phones have been snatched followed by Samsung, which made it to mere 8.5%. 45 Trend mobile incidents are reported and in my opinion resale price might be a valid reason.

Snatchers like colors as well, Silver and Black are their favorite (I myself like Silver color : ))

Color wise details of thefts/Snatches are:

  • Black 63495 (77.4%)
  • Red 1828 (2.2%)
  • Stone Silver 4550 (5.6%)
  • White 1495 (1.8%)
  • Blue 6433  (7.9%)
  • Gray 2252 (2.7%)
  • Others 1982 (2.4%)

Growing incidents of cell phone snatching is quite alarming; no recoveries are mentioned in the report presented by CPLC that is surprisingly unpleasant. This shows that authorities have failed to guide owners to use IMEI numbers for the recovery of stolen/snatched mobile. Stolen cell phones seem to have a vast market and are easily sold/purchased in the markets.

Another thing worth mentioning is that mobile sellers can easily reset IMEI numbers with the help of easily available software and failing the whole purpose of IMEI number.

Find IMEI number

To find your mobile phone IMEI number simply dial the sequence *#06# into the phone. The unique 15 digit IMEI code of your cell phone will be instantly displayed. Copy it and keep it in a safe place so that you can find it when you phone is misplaced or stolen.

Why is IMEI number useful?

How To Report Mobile Lost, Theft, Snatched

  • Call Police at 15
  • Call PTA (Pakistan Telecom Authority) at their toll Free Number 0800 – 25625
  • Call CPLC (Citizen Police Liaison Committee) on 021-5682222 or FAX them at 021-5683336
  • Complain at

I want to give message to all those who are concern and responsible please do positive steps and make sure how to eliminate mobile snatching crime in Karachi in order to protect the assets of every citizen.

“If we all can join hands together, then we can beat this evil. But first, Join Hands”

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