Internet dating is really taking off in Pakistan.Thats why the pakistani chat rooms on yahoo have full of users some time you dont get permission to enter chat room due to over online users. Pakistan is a developing country, and as such, has a long way to go to fully realize the potential of the Internet. Pakistani girls and guys/boys, living in such a conservative, backward country, have taken in droves to the massive power of cyberspace to find love partner.

Pakistan is one of the countries that has the largest number of Internet Relay Chat(IRC) users, for example. Even though the Pakistani Internet user base is roughly 20 million at the most optimistic estimates (comprared to over 40 million for India), Pakistani users are more fervent and passionate when it comes to finding love partner online.

Internet dating is growing day by day in Pakistan, driven in part by the great restrictions placed on public intermingling of the sexes. This is being fueled by instant messenger chats, IRC, and more recently, dating websites. Singles use such websites to arrange dates and meet up in person. This is usually preferable to approaching the opposite sex in public in a conservative country.

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