How to Use a TV as a Monitor

There are lot of  ways to connecting PC to TV. Some users use usual TV tuner cards for displaying their PC’s output on TV, while others use S-Video mode or otherwise through dedicated graphics card installed in PCs.

However, “VGA to RCA Cable” happens to be the simplest way of connecting PC with TV.

In VGA to RCA Cable, as its name suggests, one side of the cable has VGA (usual Monitor) connector while other side has RCA cable connector (Audio/Video, Red, Yellow and White Pins).

This makes really easy to connect a PC with TV without installing any particular device like TV tuner or software to make it working. Simply connect and Hurray!

VGA to RCA cable provide several benefits like watching movies, displaying family pictures and videos on your big screen TVs just by connecting cables.

What to consider before buying?

  • There is slight difference between VGA to RCA Plug Cable and VGA to RCA Component Plug Cable. Component cable carries component video into two or more components with YPbPr scheme. Ask seller about the functionality of RCA Plug, for instance, they usually support RG Analog and digital component video. If it is digital component video plug then it can handle 480i, 576i and other high definition TV support.
  • Usually RCA connector is easily identified with its RED, YELLOW and WHITE plugs, carrying composite video on YELLOW and stereo audio on RED and WHITE.
  • Component Cable connectors are identified as having RED, GREEN and BLUE plugs.
  • Some VGA to RCA cables comes with built-in S-Video cable as well. If that’s the case, go for it for added features.

Usage benefits:

  • It can be used with TV for watching movies.
  • It can be used with projectors.

Availability in Pakistan:

VGA to RCA cable is easily available in Pakistan. Its price ranges from PKR 400 to PKR 700. Docheck price variations by visiting more than one shop for buying products.

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