If you start to experience any such problems, or, indeed, any other problems on your computer that you can not otherwise account for, then you must find a way to check your computer for spyware and adware, and make the necessary removals should any be found.

Spyware and adware infections are, unfortunately, an increasingly common occurrence. Should your own computer be infected with them, then at the least they will be a nuisance and annoying; at worst, they could make your computer unusable.
If spyware or adware manages to install itself on your computer, then symptoms of the infection will soon start to become apparent. You may find that your web browser homepage keeps defaulting to an unwanted spammy page, you could find that pop up ads keep presenting themselves, and you might even find that your personal and financial details are being logged without your knowledge. These are some of the problems that result from having adware and spyware on your computer.

If you have antivirus protection application installed on your computer, you might be wondering how adware and spyware have managed to get around it. Well, the truth is that, most often, antivirus applications do not come equipped to protect against these types of malware.

So, how does it get on your computer in the first place? Well, you may have visited unreputable web-sites, you could have downloaded infected files, or it is even possible that you have unwittingly agreed to their installation.

If you have elderly antivirus protection application, then it is possible that you won’t have any of the required tools for spyware and adware removal. A quantity of the top finish antivirus application packages do normally have some form of adware and spyware removal included but, as they are a included as a bonus, they are far from comprehensive.

Worry not though, as specialist spyware and adware programs can be downloaded for free. You can use these to can your computer for unwanted adware and spyware. If it finds any then it will alert you to them and ask them what action you need to take, i.e. removal or quarantine. There’s various company’s providing application such as this for free, but most computer experts agree that ‘Ad-Aware’ is currently the best two .

Finally, as a rule, always use secure web browsers such as Firefox or Opera when surfing the net. These popular web browsers are great at blocking pop ups, and spyware.

Additionally, in order to avoid clicking on the yes or ok option on pop up windows in the future and accidentally installing more adware or spyware, it is highly recommended that you install a pop up blocker. These are also free to install, and are even built in to sure web toolbars, such as those provided by Google and MSN.

These simple steps will enhance your defense against malware and make it safer for you to surf the net without worrying about your computers performance. Don’t delay in implementing this advice as the longer you leave it to act, the higher the likelihood of some serious problem arising, if it has not already that is.