How to Apply for Google Adsense Account:

Earlier times it was easier to get a adsense account, But now situations have changed its become some dificult, Google Adsense is including quality websites only in their advertisement program. Google Adsense want to ensure high quality publishers for adwords advertisers therefore Google Adsense has become very strict in approving new publisher accounts and has made several strict changes in their approval process.Below are some guidelines to get aproved on google adsense for an publishier account.
Have sufficient contents in your website:
First and foremost thing is to apply for adsense only after having sufficient contents in your website. Getting adsense account in first attempt is bit easier than in re-attempts.

Domain name is at least 6 months old:

If you are applying through your own domain, make sure the domain name is at least 6 months old for before applying.

Make Unique content:
Do not post copied content on your website or blog before getting your adsense account approved.
Post original and unique content in your website or blog, best situation is to add only self written contents.

Apply though gmail id:

Apply though gmail id which has your original name (Payee name in Adsense) in it, do not use fancy ids or other mail ids with your nick names.

Waite one Month after Google rejects:

If Google rejects your application then wait at least one month before reapplying, by the mean time try to post original content as much as you can. If you rush and re apply at once, Adsense team may reject your application with even verifying it.

All links on website must be Working:

Make sure there are no broken links in your website, Also consider working on website navigation.

Remember the key to getting a Adsense account is to have a good content on the website or blog. Follow above written tips and hopefully very soon you will get approved for an publisher account on google adsense.

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