Shoaib Malik again caught media attention without any right reasons. Whether he was married to Ayesha Siddiqui or not its entirely his personal matter and we have nothing to do about it. However, after conceiving and planning ads in India, I think Mobilink should not have resorted to “Ab Sania bhi apni hai” as she has not applied for Pakistani passport so far and said she would play for India. Then how she is ‘Apni hai” is a question which should have been pondered by telecom giant before issuing such sweeping statements.

Mobilink has been doing such childish Ads in the past as well. The fact is that banking on celebrity’s popularity to grind one’s own axe is not a good omen for the corporate world. Sania does not intend to live in Pakistan. She will reside in Dubai, retain her Indian Passport, play for India and pray for the success of Indian cricket team. How come Mobilink know she is “apni hai”

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