Do know why people spending long hours before laptops and computer are more prone to health problems? If your answer is no, then my article will help you in knowing the hurdles faced by those people and solutions for those problems.
For Example a person xyz spend much time on computer or laptop because he is a blogger and computer wizard but he suffers from health problems like neck pain, obesity, stress, back pain, head ache, and hand pain. The simple mistake he does every time is that he simply neglects his health. I know there are thousands of people who are similar to that of person –xyz and my request to all of them is just take care of yourselves with the following suggestions and simple tips to be safe from those irritating health problems.

Things you must remember before starting your daily schedule.

Drink more water – the reason I stressed on water is that most people neglect this and this is one of the best health tip ever to solve many problems and I will briefly tell you the advantages of drinking more water. the simple thing to remember this u should always keep a water bottle or jar near you (computer) to drink more water
1. If you drink more water all the toxins and waste in your body is easily washed away.
2. It keeps your brain healthy and makes you fit by improving the body metabolism.
3. Risk of heart attacks is reduced and makes you feel good by improving efficiency of every system in your body.
Do regular exercises –you must have strong dedication for this where you have to set up a daily schedule (morning and evening) and do some simple exercises to have following advantages :
1. If you do exercises daily you can control the problem of obesity and over weight and this is seen frequently among computer users who sit for long time where they spend very less time in doing work which need some action and energy. So this is must and should for people like those.
2. Before going to work on your computer do some stretching exercises for your neck and hip and also for your hands.
3. If you have to stay only in your office room or your working place then you can do some simple exercises there itself in between your work.
4. Have a walk between long hours of your work and this helps you feel relaxed and maintain blood supply to your brain and body which is very essential.
Eating habits – this is one of the most important thing you must seriously look at , for this I would like to suggest you some of the following tips:
1. Eat nutritious food with good fiber content and also see that you don’t take junk foods.
2. Keep alarm for food timings and if you find it difficult ask any person working along with you to remind you regarding your lunch or dinner.
3. Never eat too much or too less and maintain food sufficient for your work and your body size.
4. Try to reduce carbohydrates in your diet like rice and wheat if you are over weight and balance it with other minerals and nutrients.

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