Ministry of Religious Affairs has developed This Website to provide general information about all aspects of the Hajj and arrangements being made for the Pakistani Pilgrims.
The Hajj is the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah during the month of Dhu’l-Hijjah. The performance of the Hajj is the fifth of the five pillars of Islam. For every Muslim able to perform Hajj, it is mandatory to make the journey at least once; for all Muslims it is the journey of a lifetime.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs is responsible for the pilgrimage beyond Pakistan, Muslims pilgrims visits to Saudi Arabia for Umra & Hajj and India for Ziarat. It is also responsible for the welfare and safety of pilgrims and zairines.

Flight Information – Hajj 2009

Flight Information through Telephone:

The Ministry has arranged telephone enquiry for Flight Informationfrom 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM on Telephone Nos: 051-9205696 and 051-9201564

Flight Information through Mobile Short Message Service

To facilitate the Hajj applicants, Ministry has made arrangements this year with VectraCom to provide Inquiry for flight allocation through Mobile SMS services. If an applicant wishes to obtain result through Mobile, simply write

HF first six digit of Hajj Application Number (Example: HF 123456)

in the message box and send to 32532.

This service will return status of Hajj Applicant Flight detail against valid Application Number.

Flight Information Letters :

Hajj Flight Information Letters would be dispatched through post from 15th October 2009.

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