As per the TV report, Koirala died at around 12:11 PM, today March 20, 2010.The Nepali Congress Presdient Girija Prasad Koirala (87) has been unofficially declared dead by the Avenues Television.

However, the government is yet to formally announce the demise of this towering political personality who ruled this nation for over two decades beginning early 1990s.
Prachanda went to see Koirala at his Mandikhatar residence this morning. However, Prachanda says, ” I called him twice and cried Girija babu! Girija babu!”.
“But the ailing figure did not respond to my call”, is how Prachanda told the media men upon meeting Koirala.
A sea of Nepali Congress cadres and leaders from other parties have thronged at Madikhatar-the private residence of Sujata Koirala.
Sources have told that Koirala was in a state of coma since early morning.
News based on Avenues Television report.

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