According to DigiTimes It come to know that Acer is working on a frame less notebook with touchscreen keyboard on it.the notebook is expected to be launched in the second half of 2010 .The idea, as rumored by DigiTimes, involves doing away with the display’s frame by printing colors directly onto the back of the display’s reinforced glass substrate from Corning . Embaded with a touchscreen keyboard, the rumored device should be impossibly thin by traditional notebook comparisons.

Remember that we’ve already seen this Zero Frame Concept pictured above from Fujitsu and Acer’s arch-rival ASUS has been showing off its dual-display laptop prototype with touchscreen keyboard for months.

The design will help reduce the thickness of the ultra-thin notebook and can also reduce the material costs. Acer will also adopt a touch keyboard to allow the notebook to be even thinner, the sources said.

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