extensively covered all Facebook related news and views from last week.And we all know Facebook is blocked in Pakistan due to blasphemous page on it, which has been repeatedly appearing and disappearing from Facebook.During all of this we have not seen any official stance or action from Facebook administration on this.

At this point of time, many from us are thinking about what is going to happen after May 31st, 2010? Will government of Pakistan continue the ban or not?but got and answer in previous post.

I am writing this post to speculate the situation (be informed, this information is based on speculations and conversation with experts, high-ups at PTA and Ministry)

Before that, let’s explore what people of pakistan are thinking over the ban. Luckily we have results from two ongoing polls, one conducted by ProPakistani and another was organized by Teeth Maestro. Following are the results:

Question: Do you Support Ban on Facebook in Pakistan? (Link to Poll:×8xz)

Question: Are you accessing Facebook in Pakistan during the current ban? (Link to Poll:

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