Some week ago,PC security company McAfee alerted users to such a threat, saying that because of Facebook()’s size, the scam “threatens computers worldwide.”
Recentaly Facebook has warned users to “delete e-mails asking you to open an attachment to get a new Facebook password,” in the wake of a new scam making its way around the web.

In this case, if a user opens the malicious e-mail –- which can appear to come from Facebook as a result of spoofing –- and then the attachment, they’re actually installing a password stealer that McAfee says can “potentially access any username and password combination utilized on that computer.”

This scam should be easy to protect yourself from –- after all, Facebook would never send you a new password unprompted, let alone one that requires you to open an attachment. Nonetheless, it’s probably a good idea to warn your less savvy friends and family.

Here’s scam e-mails Example:


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