Los Angeles An American State was shaken by an earthquake earlier day.There is no reportany major damage. It has been reported by numerous sources that an earthquake rattled Los Angeles with magnitude 4.4 on the Richter scale. The epicenter of this earthquake was in “Pico Rivera,” Los Angeles Civic Center is situated about 11 miles from the epicenter of this earthquake.


Supervisor of Los Angeles County Fire Department Andre Gougis Reported the media today. He said that the officials of Fire Department have been surveying the affected area. Gougis added that still we have not got any immediate report about any severe damage in the area.
Jessica Sigala Another American official person,who is a geophysicist of USGS, also spoke to media officials.

Jessica Sigala told that infrastructure and buildings of the area are able to bear such type of earthquakes. Sigala stated that a 4.4 earthquake does not cause huge damages; however such quake produces a consecutive shaking. Sigala added that such kind of quake may break the building windows.

There is no doubt, it was a little quake, which is not considered a massive earthquake, but everyone was feared when quake hit the area. May be, some people felt few aftershocks in the area but they were likely be slighter than the opening earthquake, said Jessica Sigala.

It has been reported that people became frightened when they felt the initial quake, as they had already seen huge earthquake in Haiti. According to latest updates, the quake hit Los Angeles at about 4 am; it is the time when almost everyone sleeps. A resident of the affected area mentioned, “the quake was really scary, I sprinted out of my home, it was much cold, I had to stay in my car for more than 10 minutes.”

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