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Seagate Will Announce 3 Tarabyte Hard drive later this year

Seagate’s senior product manager Barbara Craig has confirm “we are announcing a 3TB drive later this year,” but the move to 3TB of storage space apparently involves a lot more work than simply upping the areal density. The ancient foundations of the PC’s three-decade legacy has once again reared its DOS-era head, revealing that many […]

Frameless Notebook With TouchScreen Keyboard Soon will be Launched by Acer

According to DigiTimes It come to know that Acer is working on a frame less notebook with touchscreen keyboard on it.the notebook is expected to be launched in the second half of 2010 .The idea, as rumored by DigiTimes, involves doing away with the display’s frame by printing colors directly onto the back of the […]

Universal Laptop Charger with Multiple Connectors and Adjustable Volts

If your laptop charge have lost or its out of order then its a good news for all those who want to buy a new laptop charger in pakistan. I am talking about “Universal Laptop Charger” with multiple pins for only PKR 750/- obviously china made This gadget has an ability to charge almost all laptops, […]