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Download Audio Nohay From Apni ISP

Apni ISP make a new section providing a big collection of Audio Nohay. They make a beautiful collection Year wise and by name of singer.  Irfan Haider 2011 Syeda Amber Naqvi 2011 Farhan Ali Waris 2011 Nadeem Sarwar 2008 Hassan Sadiq 2008 Mesum Abbas 2008 Nadeem Sarwar 2007 Hassan Sadiq 2007 Mesum Abbas 2007 Irfan […]

Government Hajj Applications for Hajj 2009 Information and Flight Details

Ministry of Religious Affairs has developed This Website to provide general information about all aspects of the Hajj and arrangements being made for the Pakistani Pilgrims. The Hajj is the pilgrimage to the Holy City of Makkah during the month of Dhu’l-Hijjah. The performance of the Hajj is the fifth of the five pillars of […]

Lays Chips Halal or Haram what is the Matter?

The Real Matter about the issues/Scandal of lays Chips in Pakistan. A references from the research paper of Dr. Amjad Khan. According to research of Dr Amjad Khan (Medical Research Institute, United States) it has proved that many products of multinational firms including, but not limited to TOOTH PASTE, SHAVING CREAM, CHEWING GUM, CHOCOLATE, SWEETS, […]

List of Halal and Haram Animals and Birds

Halal Animals and Birds Goat, Sheep, Cattle, Bufallo, Buck, Fish, Camel, Gazelle, Onager, Rabbit, Fowls, Ducks, Pigeon, Sparrow, Partridge, Crane, Locusts, Bustard, Owl, Swift, Giraffe, Magpie, Quail, Lark, Starling, Sand Grouse, Nitingale, Ostrich, Peacok, Goose, Turtle Dove, Stag, Swan, Dolphin, Shark Haram Animals and Birds Insects, Snake, Lizard, Gecko, Mice, Rats, Hedgehog, Jerboa, Weasel, Frog, […]

A dialog between Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W) and a traveler

A traveler once came to the masjid to see the Prophet Muhammad ( S.A.W). After greeting the prophet, he was asked where he was from. The traveler replied that he came from very far just to get a few questions answered. Following is the dialogue between the traveler and the Prophet. Traveller : I do […]

Mp3 Islamic Ringtones

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