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5000 HIV/AIDS Registered Cses in Pakistan in 2009

Pakistan, which was previously thought as a country with low prevalence of infection, has now moved up to the group of “Countries in Transition” with a concentrated epidemic among high risk groups, where the AIDS problem is increasing since last five years, according to the private new chanel Express News The. There are 5,000 registered […]

Produce Bio-Diesel With Tea Invention by Pakistani Scientist

A Pakistani scientist has successfully invented a nano catalyst for production of bio-diesel with the help of spent tea for the first time in the world, opening up new avenues for alternative environment-friendly energy resources. Dr. Syed Tajamul Hussain, a nano scientist working at National Center for Physics (NCP), and his research team members after […]

How to Reduce Fat from Neck

Neck fat is an awkward appearance which is avoided by people continuously by people. These are common problems which require meticulous treatment by methodical process. These treatments are becoming famous and they make them feel and look older than their real age. These appearances make anybody feel unimpressive and do not reveal their true age […]

The Natural Way To Stop Hair Loss

In our highly industrialized society, where chemicals are present every where, it’s almost impossible to find something 100% natural. That’s why lately has appeared a new market and concept which ask us to go back to nature offering 100% natural products. This concept is present in the hair loss treatment field with: Saw Palmetto Extract- […]

A Survey About Prostituters sex workers in Pakistan about HIV and Aids

Shumaila is a prostitute, who was born and brought up in Karachi’s Napier Road red-light district. Until recently she had never heard about HIV and Aids. She carries condoms but clients refuse to wear them. “None of us were aware about the danger of Aids looming over us for years but now we all know […]

Tips to reduce your Calories and Weight Quickly

If you are engaged in a serious battle with your bulges using a carefully devised weight reducing program, then it is necessary that you learn the basic information regarding calories and its relation to your weight reduction program. A pound of body fat is equivalent to about 3500 calories. Thus, if you are able to […]

How to lose Weight and Burn extra Calories

Now a days almost everyone over weight person wants to lose weight quickly, But that is completely impossible.For losing weight you need to pay concentration with your time. It’s a process to lose weight can only be done in at least six months, and you will end up with healthy weight loss. Off course no […]

Tips & Ways to Get Ride of Pimples

Are you worry about pimples that always seem to pop up at the most inopportune period eg, before a big date, important job interview or your wedding day)? You need to get rid of pimples, and fast! Try these quick fixes to help rapidly banish that breakout.1. Spot-Treat It Over-the-counter spot treatments deliver a generous […]