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WordPress Visual Editor Not Showing Up In WordPress

WordPress Visual Editor Not Showing Up In wordpress 2.8 and 2.9 if your Visual Editor Not working just do these simple steps. In most of the cases all the tools in the HTML editor are working absolutely fine but visual editor is almost dead or it is first appearing as blank screen and then as […]

Ptcl Broadband Modem Policy Changed

PTCL has recentely made a change in their broadband policy. According to old policy, customers had to pay rent of PTCL broadband modem every month with DSL charges and when customer wanted to discontinue PTCL DSL service he had to return PTCL modem to PTCL if he is not 12 months old customer. Meaning that […]

Check Pionts For Buying Laptop in Pakistan

Everyone wants to laptop now a days. Hence, one must be familiar with few guide lines before buying a laptop so that you get a quality product against your well earned money. Check Points: You may need to consider following things while purchasing a new laptop. Price: Go to laptop manufacturer’s website, find out its […]

Get The Duplicate Bill of PTCL and Print it from web

Like SNGPL and Fesco Ptcl also Start facility to get Duplicate bill of your telephone online from the website of  PTCL at The Account id could be found at your any previous ptcl bill. Just open the link and provide the information requested and get soft copy of your telephone line bill print out it.You can […]

Google Translation Now offers Urdu Language Support

Google translation, is a free tool to translate from one language to 57 another languages,Recently added Urdu in this list. Its now you can translate 57 languages into Urdu and from Urdu to 57 well known languages of the world. This remarkable achievement will greatly help in localizing the content by presenting foreign language websites […]

How to Delete Facebook Account

Many people with Facebook accounts are choosing to delete their accounts because of Facebook privacy. The website has always raised questions about Facebook privacy, as it is intended for use as sharing information. However, from the first time the website was set up, it has made major privacy changes first and reacted to user’s Facebook […]

Telenor Set up a Persona Blog

After Karo Mumkin Campaign, Telenor enter into the world of product blogging after tweaking with Persona Blog. Though objects on Persona blog, particularly the posts, are apparently not in final shape, but the look and feel gives an impression that Telenor is going to get serious with blogging. There are not many posts and those […]

Youtube Also Banned in Pkistan

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has directed all concerned operators in Pakistan to block Youtube till further orders. These directions have been issued in compliance with Pakistan Penal Code and the urge of masses against blasphemous drawings of Prophet Mohammad [PBUH]. Authority said that it has banned about 450 URLs besides YouTube and Facebook, which had […]

HTML Color Codes and names

COLOR NAME CODE COLOR Black #000000 Black Gray0 #150517 Gray0 Gray18 #250517 Gray18 Gray21 #2B1B17 Gray21 Gray23 #302217 Gray23 Gray24 #302226 Gray24 Gray25 #342826 Gray25 Gray26 #34282C Gray26 Gray27 #382D2C Gray27 Gray28 #3b3131 Gray28 Gray29 #3E3535 Gray29 Gray30 #413839 Gray30 Gray31 #41383C Gray31 Gray32 #463E3F Gray32 Gray34 #4A4344 Gray34 Gray35 #4C4646 Gray35 Gray36 #4E4848 Gray36 […]