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Funny Mp3 Ringtones

Download Funny Mp3 Ringtones for all mobiles,Funny Voice Mp3 ringtones.You have a message [audio:|titles=You have a message]Whine2 [audio:|titles=Whine2]Whine1 [audio:|titles=Whine1]Twinkle Twinkle [audio:|titles=Twinkle Twinkle]Tweety [audio:|titles=Tweety]Toilet Flush [audio:|titles=Toilet Flush]Shutrogan [audio:|titles=Shutrogan]Sheep Bah [audio:|titles=Sheep Bah]Shahrukh khan2 [audio:|titles=shahrukh-khan]Shahrukh khan [audio:|titles=Shahrukh khan]Sanjay Dutt [audio:|titles=Sanjay Dutt]Rooster [audio:|titles=Rooster]Rickshaw [audio:|titles=Rickshaw]Puking frog [audio:|titles=Puking frog]Prem Chopra [audio:|titles=Prem Chopra]Police siren Hooter [audio:|titles=Police siren Hooter]Parsi [audio:|titles=Parsi]Papa Papar Kha [audio:|titles=Papa […]

Some Tips to Keep Your expensive Phone Safe

There is a saying: things are made to be broken. Yes it doesn’t sounds quite comfortable but it maybe is true. Every thing that a person acquires usually ends up being broken or damaged. However, there are some ways which can help you in making your phone last longer. Here are some: – Always keep […]

How to Save Battery on an Android SmartPhone?

  Android is growing fast in terms of services and apps – that are high hungry for battery – and hence its becoming quite hard to keep up with a battery life of an Android smartphones that lasts all day. Some people out there can probably stretch the life of a an Android phone battery […]

What is Instagram and Detailed Description and Usage Guide to Instagram.

Most of you must have heard of something called “INSTAGRAM” and must be wondering WHAT IS INSTAGRAM ? Earlier I also used to think what is Instagram ? So below a detailed description and usage guide to Instagram.   What is Instagram? Instagram created by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger and launched in October 2010 is an online photo-sharing service through which […]

Now You will be able to send voice Messages On WhatsApp

WhatsApp announced that it is adding voice messaging feature for its 300 million active users. With this new feature, WhatsApp users will be able to send voice to their contacts from various platforms. WhatsApp said that its voice message feature is instantly available on all platforms, including iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone and Nokia. WhatsApp […]

Jolla Phone Made by Ex-Nokia Employees,Compatible with Android Apps,Revealed

It has been almost 4 months since the Jolla phone running on Sailfish OS surfaced but its full specs are only being revealed now. The phone made by a small group of ex-Nokia employees (their company is also called Jolla) has been inspired by the great Nokia N9, and its abandoned Meego OS taken by […]

Candy Crush Saga is the Best-Selling App of the Year

Unless you’re living in a dungeon, you already know that a match-three puzzle game by the name of Candy Crush Saga has taken the world by storm. The reason why its such a hit is that it takes an already-proven formula and adds several interesting elements more to it and the result is a game […]

Punjnud: Dedicated Urdu Keyboard for Android Devices

Being an Urdu blogger and promoter of Unicode Urdu, I have to write lots of Urdu everyday. While doing so on a PC/Laptop there are many software and keyboard layouts available that let you write Urdu fonts but for smartphones and tablets you don’t have much options. I had been using Multiling keyboard on all […]

Haris Khan A 11 year old Pakistani Became One of the Youngest app Developer

Haris Khan A 11 year old Pakistani ethnic boy residing in Ireland, became one of the youngest app developers in the world. His game ‘Super Soccer Kicks’ is available on Apple’s App Store and works on Apple’s iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. According to Irish newspapers, and a private Pakistani news channel, Haris’ game has already crossed over 400 […]

Whatsapp to Add Voice Calls Later This Year

Whatsapp, which was recently bought by Facebook for a man mammoth $19 billion, has announced that it will be adding voice calls to its portfolio later this year. The CEO, Jan Koum revealed his plans to not only compete with Whatsapp’s current counterparts, but also mobile phone carriers worldwide. Prices will be set on the same […]