Business Ideas for Running and Growing small Business in Pakistan.


Pakistan is no doubt, undergoing the financial crisis and so there’re hundreds of problems in our day to day life. But, where there’s a problem, there’s an opportunity; so is the case with Pakistan.

Despite having been into so many problems, there’re too many opportunities for starting running and growing small business in Pakistan.

If you’re the one who’s just hopeless to see the Pakistani job market, a student or an on job individual and want to have a change and want to set up some small business, you might find this list useful. Here it goes:

1- Food Delivery Service: Set a weekly menu, target locations with huge number of offices, prepare all the food at home, and get a delivery man to deliver the lunch.


2- Tutoring: probably the most suitable small business for students in Pakistan. If you’re really good at studies and can explain things better, let your juniors benefited from it and you can make reasonably good money. Take groups for better earnings:


3- Hostel for Students/Working Individuals: If you own a building nearby Colleges/universities in a big city like Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi etc that’s how you turn it profitable. If you don’t own one, you can get on rent.


4- Property & Real Estate: It can be done part time too; you just need to keep an eye on properties around. Connect the buyers and sellers and have your commission.


5- Day Care Center: if you love children and have some space at house, turn it into a day care center. Ideal location for a day care center should be nearby offices where most of women work.


6- Dress Designing; ideally to be started if you’re crazy about fashion and are creative. Remember, if you cannot build a brand, you must make the one lowest in cost to get the market share.


7- Beauty Parlour; it doesn’t need more than a room from your house. All you need to have is to be best at your work. Market it in nearby location to get most of it.

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8- Imported Shoes & Handbags: Explore online from, and other similar sites. Chinese shoes and handbags from Thailand are much in demand in Pakistan.

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9- Imported Jewelry: exactly like the imported shoes and handbags, you can get lowest cost jewelry online.


10- Online Retailing: Have you ever thought of buying some products from wholesale market and selling them off online? Facebook Ads are the easiest way to find customers. Think what people around you might be looking for and you can find it at wholesale rate.


11- Home Based Gym: it doesn’t need much investment, but you really need to be a good trainer.


12- Guest House/Hotel; if you live in a historical city a hill station or even in a big city, survey the hotels in your area and set up your house accordingly to turn it into a profitable business.


13- Baking on Order; if you love baking, you can do it on order for good money. Marketing it well is certainly the most needed area to work on.


14- Driving Instructor; If you know driving and have license, why not to get into the business?


15- Tailoring: Although any type can go well, ladies tailors are most sought after in Pakistan and good ones are always rare. If you’ve interest in this area, you do not need any big investment at all and a good business is waiting for you.


16- Catering: Family functions, big and small ceremonies, business dinners and other such events cannot be held without appropriate catering. These events will always be occurring and so the need of catering services will be there.


17- Hair Salon: all you need to have is sense of styling and expertise in hair cutting and you make a great hair salon business. 


18- Laundry Service: Of course you need to find the best location for it. Let it be a busy market or a nearby a group of apartments. You probably got it why!

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19- Car Washing Service; may it seem difficult, but partnership with offices with huge workforce coming in cars can make it a great go!


20- Handicrafts & Interior Decoration; not everyone can do it well, but those who have true sense of aesthetics and crafty mind.


21- Website Design & Development; here comes the option for web designers and software developers, but you need to get social in real world to get the business rather than just sticking to Facebook and other social sites.


22- Photography; get your sense of photography displayed online with a quick portfolio, do some volunteer photography for a wedding or a corporate event and distribute your business card to take a start!


23- Event Organizing & Management; if you’re really good at managing events, or you’ve been organizing stuff in your college or university, why not to encash your skill and make business out of it!


24- Industrial Home; if you’re multi talented, i.e. you know cooking, baking, stitching, have sense of interior designing and so on, transfer the knowledge to others and turn it into a business.


25- Call Center; Of course you will need some investment and a lot of hard work, but in long run it’s definitely going to be paying off!     Hope it works for many. If you have some more small business ideas that can work great in Pakistan, do share here!

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