Here is a photo of that Big Butter Jesus statute on tv today. The real name of Big Butter Jesus’ is King of Kings. Big Butter Jesus is 62 feet in hight. The Jesus statute is near Monroe, OH its cost a quarter million dollars to build and its build in 2004.He’s located on the highway, I-75

Other nicknames for King of Kings besides Big Butter Jesus have include “Giant Jesus”,”8-Ball Jesus”, “Touchdown Jesus”, “MC 62 Ft. Jesus”, “Drowning Jesus” and “Quicksand Jesus”.

Big Butter Jesus’ creators are Brad Coriel and James Lynch.Coriel designed Big Butter Jesus and Lynch sculpted him. Several songs have been inspired by Big Butter Jesus including “Big Butter Jesus” (Heywood Banks) and “Monroe OH” (Robbie Schaefer)

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— Mohsin