Pakistan-The ministry of information technology has been asked to draft a proposal for a ban on the import of used computers and other accessories of computers, on directions of President Asif Ali Zardari.

Before this, LCCI had requested the president Asif Ali Zardari to ban the sale of used/old computers.

If this ban imposed on used computers, no any vendor or seller will be able to sell used and old computers in the market,and it will causing computer prices go very high by 4 times at least.

Computer manufacturers are terming used computers:

high energy consumption devices
dumping ground of electronic wastage for developed countries, causing environmental and social damage
A hit on economy
While those opposing the ban on sale of used/old computer opine:

High PC penetration due to availability of used/old computers in market at Low priced computers
Cost saving through in-expensive (internet) communication
Increased awareness
Boost in economy for multiple domains, such as, ISPs, vendors, FMCGs, advertising, media etc
Clearly computer manufacturers, Intel on the top, are grouping up to run this on-media and off-media campaign for ban on sale of old/used computers to capture their share – instead of investing into country for setting up a manufacturing plant in the country, like they have in India.

If a computer manufacturing plant is deployed in the country, it will not only serve local economy but will also bring down the prices for new computers.

Before any conclusion on this and imposing ban, Government must realize all aspects and that a common man may not afford to buy a reasonable new computer costing well over 20,000.

As per estimates, there are total of 14,00,000 computers in Pakistan, out of which 60 percent are used/old computers, 24 percent internationally assembled new computers while 16 percent locally assembled new computers.

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