This tutorial will help how can you write urdu in windows XP, if you are still using older versions of windows, it is time to upgrade. Windows XP and higher versions of Microsoft Windows have built in support for Unicode, all we have to do is to enable support for right to left languages.We can divide this tutorial in two parts .

  1. Enabling support for right to left languages
  2. Installing Phonetic Urdu Keyboard


After following  tutorial below, you will be able to write urdu in any programme just as you type English. You can use it in Office, Yahoo or Msn messenger and Chat rooms etc etc.Stop talking and let start the Work. You will need Microsoft Windows XP CD to install support for right to left languages.

Open control Panel on your computer Start :>>Control Panel. In Control Panel Select “Regional and Languages Settings” .

A new dialog box will open, select Languages in that dialog box menu. Check ” install files for complex script and right to left languages (including thai)

Now you will be prompted to insert Microsoft Windows XP CD into CD-ROM or what ever ROM you have, Insert the CD and wait for installation to complete. Ok we have completed first step, congratulations.

Now we have to download one file, phonetic key board layout. We are going to use crulp phonetic keyboard. you can download it here or directly from Crulp website.After downloading it run phonetic.msi, or read README.

Now again, open Regional and languages setting , select languages tab and select details there.

You will see input language, that most probably will be US. Click On add as shown in figure.

New window will open now, here select Urdu in input language and keyboard layout Phonetic/IME.

Here we go, we are all set to use Urdu on our computer. If you have followed all steps above you will see language option near clock. You can either change language by mouse or can toggle between languages by pressing ” left alt+shift” keys.

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