Zong Offers Cric Info Service With This Service Customers can listen to running commentaries of a live match by simply dialing 426 from their mobile phones.

Reference of Zongs Website:

You will hear an options Menu-

Press 1 to Listen to Live Commentary
Press 2 to do Cricket Chat
Press 3 to Listen to Cricket Schedul
Press 4 to Listen to Cricket News & Gossips
Charging will be Rs. 5/min

Cric Info
If you want to stay informed about what’s the latest on any cricket match, this is what you do: just type CRIC and send to 777 and within moments you will receive an SMS informing you about the latest cricket score. It’s really just that easy!

Call to Action
Type CRIC and SMS to 777

Wicket Alerts
When it comes to cricket we are keen about Pakistan and its performance, so here’s what we have chosen for all you eager anticipators out there at work or preoccupied and unable to follow a match. During any cricket match featuring Pakistan whenever a Wicket falls, you receive an incoming SMS informing you of the latest ‘casualty’.

Registration to this service is simple, before the start of every match all members of the Cricket Club receive an SMS requesting them to register for Wicket Alerts.

Call to action
Simply type WKT & SMS to 306

Wicket Alerts for the match is charged Rs.10 + Tax

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