Zong offers a Wonderfull An SMS based service which enables you to answer some simple questions and get an in depth analysis about their personality.Its Called PT service personality Test Service

Available test categories and tests include:

Love & Relationship

Are You a Bad Date?
Finding Mr/Mrs. Right
Love Personality
Career & Money

Are You a Future Millionaire
Fame or Fortune
Right Job/Wrong Job
Mind & Body

Heart or Head
Your Best Qualities

My Personality Traits
Zodiac Love Match
Service Mechanics:

Subscriber sends PT to 461
Service replies with available categories i.e. Love and Relationship, Career & Money, Mind & Body and Astrology and asks subscriber to choose category of interest
On receiving subscriber response, the service displays available tests for chosen category and asks subscriber to respond with test ID
On receiving subscriber’s choice, service responds by sending the first question in the test
When all questions have been answered service sends detailed analysis based on subscriber responses to the subscriber
Price of each SMS is Rs. 0.50+t

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