ZONG M@il The service offered by Zong enables Zong customers to access all their e-mail accounts on their mobile phone through an application client. Customers interested in staying connected to their email accounts can do it through Zong mail without necessarily having to buy high-end mobile handsets; the application can run on medium level mobile hand set that supports java applications, GPRS and MMS.

Most medium to high range handsets come with email access options, but the user experience varies from manufacturer to manufacturer. This application provides a standard experience across all handsets and is much easier to configure.
How to Download Email Application application client:

The Zong mail application can be downloaded by following these simple steps:

Send an SMS “Mail” to 6245 (mail)
The server will accept any text in the message for sending the application
The link for downloading the application will be received
If the customer is a first time user, he/she will have to create a new email account@zongmail.pk in order proceed, existing users will be required to simply provide their zongmail account credentials
The application download link will be displayed if the handset is compatible
The customer will open the application after downloading and installing the application.
Credentials will have to be supplied during first time login only

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