Calling Details for Zong

Zong offers a service known as ebill, that enables you check your outgoing call record online.

Register for Zong’s e-bill Service

In order to register to My Zong E-Care you need to take the following steps:

Go this page:
Enter your Phone number, Name and Password
After you Enter this information, you will receive you password on your phone in an SMS
After you receive the password you are ready to start viewing Zong Ebill.
Note: Please remember that you can use the Zong E-Care option only if you are a Zong Pre-Paid Subscriber.

How to Login

Once you have registered and received your password by SMS, to login and start viewing your Zong E-Care you need to enter your Login-id and Password on the main My Zong E-Care.

How to View My Bill

Login to My Zong E-Care using your login id. and password.
Select the no. of days to view the E-Care detail and then click on the submit button.
Then the detail of all your outgoing calls and SMS are shown.
How to Change Password?

To change your password you need to click the CHANGE PASSWORD link. When you click on this option you will be asked to type in your old password and the new password you wish to have. After making the desirable change click on the submit button. Your old password will lapse automatically.

What If You Forget Password?

In case you have forgot your password: click here
Enter your Phone number and press Submit…
Your Password will be sent to you on your Phone Via SMS

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