There is a news for Warid Customers, that now they can get 50 minutes and 500 SMS or MMS (between 9 AM to 9 PM) per day at a flat rate of Rs. 19.96 per day.

Warid says that this package, named as Pakistan Package, is to celebrate the month of August and it is a gift of Freedom to their customers.

Features of Zem Pakistan Package

ZEM Pakistan is a daily subscription based package offering 50 on-net minutes, 500 SMS/MMS between 9am-9pm
Daily subscription charges are Rs.19.96.
You can utilize the 50 on-net minutes as you seem fit. You can consume them in one call equaling 50 minutes or multiple calls with combined duration of 50 minutes.
SMS/MMS can be sent on both on-net (Warid-Warid) & off-net (Other mobile numbers)
Customers of all Warid Packages can avail this offer
This is a daily subscription based package, all minutes/SMS/MMS would have to be consumed within 9am-9pm.Unconsumed free on-net minutes and free SMS/MMS will not be carried forward
After 9pm, normal call and SMS/MMS charges of ZEM lowest call rate package apply
In case you finish your free Minutes/SMS/MMS, your remaining calls or SMS will be charged as per your normal tariff.
This is a limited time offer, but no one knows the limit….!

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