WiMAX operators are allegedly aggressive by cellular companies who accept imposed several account accuse on services.

A notification beatific out to Wateen barter reads that Rs. 50 per ages will be deducted from all barter on all bales as a account account charge.

A agenda appear on Wateen website says:

Wateen strives to bear best superior and ceaseless casework to our admired customers. To accommodated the adapted achievement levels during the prevailing bread-and-butter situations, a account account allegation of Rs.50 has been activated on all WiMAX bales with able from 11th June 2012.

wi-tribe wrote on its website:

at wi-tribe, accomplishing account arete is a constant, advancing process. To ensure we abide affair our community’s account expectations in today’s bread-and-butter conditions, a account account allegation of Rs.50 will be applicative on all packages, able 1st June 2012

Qubee aswell said that it will abstract account allegation of Rs. 50 on all bales from June 2012.

Such an act of arty agnate account accuse with aforementioned name in aforementioned ages could draw absorption of Antagonism Commission of Pakistan, ascendancy amenable for acclimation appraisement and antagonism in Pakistan.

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