Warid offer a different number of Friends & Family (Fnf) on different pakages prepaid and postpaid here are some detail of charges tariff how to add?how to remove Friends & Family number from your Number.

Friends & Family Charges of Zem Prepaid Pakages

  Zem 1 Second Zem Lowest Call Rate
30 Seconds
60 Seconds
Friends & Family On net 0.02 0.45 0.75
Friends & Family Of net 0.75
FnF Addition/Deletion 2.00 2.00 2.00

How much Fnf Numbers
For Zem 1 Second and Zem 60 Seconds packages, 5 On-Net(Warid to Warid) numbers can be selected as FnF

For Zem Lowest Call Rate 30 Seconds package, 4 On-Net(Warid to Warid) and 1 Off-Net (PTCL/other mobile) number can be selected as FnF
How to add Remove Fnf?
To add/delete an FnF number, SMS “Add/del” to 129. Rs. 2+ tax apply

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