Here is another exciting offer from Zem for its valued customers that gives you the best value against your money. Now you can talk more and more with warid Voice Craze package. Every week you can get 200 free minutes for only Rs.110 + tax. So subscribe to Voice Craze by dialing 100 and save on your money.
Below is the Reference of this Pakage on WARID website

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Voice Craze package?

Voice Craze is a weekly subscription based package offering 125 on-net (Warid-Warid) minutes, 25 off-net (landline/ other mobile operators) and 50 voice talky minutes

How do I activate/subscribe to this package?

Dial 100 and follow instructions to subscribe to Voice Craze.

What are the subscription charges?

Weekly subscription of Rs.110 (exclusive of taxes) apply.

I am not on ZEM Lowest call rates package, can I still subscribe to the voice craze package?

Yes you can. On subscribing Voice Craze, your calling rate will be charged as per the Zem Lowest Call Rates Package (30 second billing).

What if I consume all of my minutes before the week ends?

If all of the minutes are consumed then normal tariffs of ZEM lowest call rates will apply for the remainder of the week.

How would I know the remaining balance of minutes in my account?|

Subscribers would receive an “End of Call Notification” after each call stating the remaining balance of minutes for each category along with the normal Rupee balance. Moreover, subscribers would also be able to check their normal Rupee balance as well as balance of free minutes by dialing *100#

How can I use the 50 voice talky minutes?

Subscriber would be able to send voice talky messages on both on-net (Warid–Warid) and off-net (other mobile operators) numbers. Minutes would be charged both for sending and retrieving talky messages. Upto 50 minutes of voice talky can be utilized under this package.

How do I send a Talky message?

You can send a Talky message by following these simple steps:

Step 1: Dial * followed by recipient’s phone number (e.g. *032XXXXXXXX).

Step 2: Follow the voice prompts and record your message.

Step 3: Press end or hang-up to send the Talky Message.

How do I listen to a Talky message?

To retrieve a Talky message:

Dial *0* for all new messages (Follow voice prompts & retrieve your Talky messages)

Dial *1* for old messages (Follow voice prompts & retrieve your Talky messages)

What if I don’t use all of the minutes in one week?

As this is a weekly subscription based package, all minutes would have to be consumed within seven days. The remaining minutes would not carry forward to next week.

Do I have to subscriber via IVR every week?

NO. Once activated, you will be automatically re-subscribed to this package every week if there is sufficient balance in your account.

How do I de-activate this package?

You can de-activate the package via 100 IVR

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