Warid offers a service named Recharge Me with this service you can send request to any of warid number to to send you balance Fixed Rs.20.
Below is Reference of Warid Site.

The Recharge Me service enables Warid prepaid subscribers to request friends & family members using Warid Zem prepaid numbers to recharge their account. This enables them to stay in touch with their loved ones, even with low balance.

All Zem prepaid subscribers are pre-provisioned to use this service.


Subscriber “А” sends SMS request with the destination number (subscriber B).

Step 1: Go to Menu and choose Write Message

Step 2: Type RM & send to 121

An SMS notification will be sent to Subscriber “B”.

Reply Option For Recharge Me

Subscriber “B” will receive request message from subscriber “A”‚ and he/she will simply reply with “Y” to recharge subscriber “A” account. The recharge amount will be fixed at Rs.20


If subscriber “A” accepts the recharge request of subscriber “A”‚ only then request will be entertained otherwise it will be rejected. In case of rejection‚ SMS notification will be sent to subscriber “A”.

Amount Deduction & Credit

Following authentication of request, the recharge amount will be deducted from subscriber “B” account and credited to subscriber “A” account.

Notification Messages

Successful Transfer

The message will be sent to both subscriber “A” & “B”

“Dear User‚ Account “032xxxxxxxx” has been successfully recharged with Rs. 20

“Dear User‚ Account “032xxxxxxx” has recharged your account with Rs 17.47

Unsucessful Transactions

Notifications will be sent to subscriber “B” only:

Invalid Request

“Dear User‚ you are not requested by 32xxxxxxx to recharge his account.”

Insufficient Account Balance

“Dear User‚ your request could not be completed. The amount requested is more than your account credit. Kindly recharge your account and then try again.”

Terms & Conditions

Subscriber can request only one ’Recharge Me’ request per scratchcard load

Subscriber can send ‘Recharge Me’ request to Zem prepaid users only

Subscriber is entitled to use this service, if they have minimum balance of or equal to Rs.2.00 in their account

If customer has balance in his/her account more than the Rs.2.00 then Rs.1+ tax will be deducted from their account

The recharge amount is fixed at Rs.20

Service charges of Rs.2.00 + tax against each request will be deducted from recharge amount. Requesting subscriber will get Rs. 17.47

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